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Andy's Workshop

Came across this blog in my research and work in expanded memory solutions for the ATMega microcontroller. There are some really excellent articles, insights and libraries here.

Installing the AVR toolchain on OSX Lion

I’m working on an Arduino-based project and want a more powerful IDE to code in, since the Arduino IDE is somewhat restrictive.

In order to run under Eclipse, the AVR toolchain needs to be installed (avr-gcc,  avr-binutils, avr-libc, avr-gdb, avrdude). I didn’t want to install a binary package for these tools; instead, I wanted a natively-compiled version of the tools, preferably using brew, since this is my package manager of choice these days.

I finally found a homebrew formula that was written specifically for the install. Here’s how to do it, assuming you cloned the homebrew repo to /usr/local/Library

cd /usr/local
git clone LibraryAlt
brew install LibraryAlt/avr/avr-libc.rb
brew install avrdude dfu-programmer

Many thanks goes to Lars Immisch for maintaining his homebrew-alt repo at